Estate Planning

Estate planning is rarely a quick, uncomplicated process. Rather, it is complex, taking into a variety of considerations including taxes, probate courts, healthcare, savings, life insurance, IRAs, 401Ks, annuities, funeral costs, eligibility of heirs, and more. This is specifically why it pays to have expert help as you plan what will happen to your estate when you’re gone.

While you may feel that you’re many years away from needing to worry about estate planning, or just don’t want to think about it, the reality is that a well-thought out plan can save your loved ones considerable time, money, and heartache.

Michael C. Allen & Co., CPA’s PLLC can help.  With offices and licenses in NYC,  Long Island, NY and Connecticut, Michael Allen CPA specializes in Estate Planning for residents of New York State.

Because every estate plan is unique, we work directly with you to understand your particular needs and desires along with the nature of your relationships. Through this process, we make recommendations, offer suggestions, and provide you with all of your options – including if your circumstances change.


At every step of the estate planning process, we work with you to:

  • Define estate planning goals
  • Evaluate options
  • Prepare, organize, and review estate planning documents including wills, trusts, healthcare documents, and power of attorney
  • Decrease expenses and time associated with probate
  • Reduce amount of taxes owed at time of death
  • Developing a plan for conserving and managing your estate after death if needed
  • Transfer assets to heirs based upon your requests
  • Organize fair and adequate liquidation of your estate to cover taxes and other expenses
  • Make amendments to your plan as needed

We can also help with:

  • Living wills and trusts
  • Family partnerships and other business relationships
  • Lifetime family wealth transfers
  • Leaving money to charities

Estate planning can seem overwhelming. However, you do not have to tackle it alone. At Michael C. Allen & Co., we are here to help you through every step of the process.

To learn more about our estate planning services in NYC, New York and on Long Island, NY, contact us today.