Offer in Compromise

An offer in Compromise (OIC) allows a taxpayer to resolve a tax debt by negotiating with the IRS to agree to accept less than the full amount owed. This course of action is not right for everyone, but can be a feasible solution for people in certain situations. If you feel you should not be liable for the assessed amount of a tax bill or if you’re suffering from financial difficulties that are preventing you from paying your tax debt, submitting an offer in compromise to the IRS might be the right solution for you.

If you qualify, you can settle your tax liabilities for much less that the full amount. With some preliminary information we at Michael C. Allen & Co., CPA’s PLLC, can assess your situation to determine if you qualify for the IRS OIC program. If you do not, We will explain why and recommend an alternative solution to your problem.

Our Process Includes:

  1. Consulting with you to determine your Offer in Compromise eligibility.
  2. Collecting your Financial Information.
  3. Communicating with the IRS to determine the years owed and amounts due.
  4. We then can compute the smallest Offer the IRS will accept based on their current regulations.
  5. Then we complete your Offer in Compromise and mail it to you for signature.

Our Service Includes:

  • Your completed OIC signed: Prepared by Michael C. Allen & Co., CPA’s PLLC.
  • Unlimited Support during the Offer process and you never have to deal with the IRS concerning your Offer.

As experienced tax accountants, Michael C. Allen & Co., CPA’s PLLC can determine if you qualify for an offer in compromise and can file an offer the IRS is likely to accept. Don’t battle the IRS alone.  Call Michael C. Allen & Co., CPA’s PLLC today.  We know how to deal with the IRS and will work directly with them on your behalf.