Fiduciary Accounting

fiduciary are essential. However, the preparation of these accountings is both multi-faceted and time-consuming. At Michael C. Allen & Co. CPA’s in New York, we provide a full range of fiduciary accountingservices to save you time and money.

Our expertise includes the preparation of fiduciary accounting for trusts, estates, conservatorships, and guardianships. We work with executors, administrators, or any individual with power of attorney to ensure that the complex accounting issues related to estates and trusts are effectively managed.

From keeping records and reporting to beneficiaries, to making distributions and answering client questions, our objective is always to offer the highest quality fiduciary accounting services.

Fiduciary Accounting Services that we provide:

  • Fiduciary accounting and planning services
  • Preparation of estate, fiduciary, and gift tax returns
  • Audit preparation
  • Estate planning

Do you need assistance with fiduciary accounting in New York? Contact Michael C. Allen & Co. today.